Мен си търси


Мен си търси – ANDREA – Мен си търси

Balkan music!! Surprise surprise!! Never figured this was a genre I could get into myself, but hey. What did I tell you about those [Music Genre] Top Tens!? That is also how I discovered ANDREA. I actually got into her from hearing Излъжи ме (Izlazhi Me), but I figured that the first song from her sophomore album would be a good starting point to review ANDREA. Мен си търси (Men Si Tarsil, “You’ve Been Looking For Me”) is probably my favorite of ANDREA’s three albums. The title song starts off the album on the right foot. It’s a soft, trancey number that actually misleads you when it comes to ANDREA’s style of music! ANDREA is considered Pop-folk or Balkanic. You can hear strains of Bulgarian folk instruments that I can’t name during certain parts of the song. It’s a really neat effect to add to the mainly trance backbeat, in my opinion. Her vocals match the airy effect quite nicely as well. Of course, I can’t forget to mention her collaborative partner Costi Ionita (more commonly called just plain Costi). He is present in many of ANDREA’s works and actually wrote all but two songs on Men Si tarsil. It is his voice you hear wavering in the background. I’m still trying to get used to the whole…Bulgarian vibratto. It’s neat, but not something my American ears are used to hearing coming out of a man’s throat! And considering Costi sounds kind of derpy in everything except Neblagodaren from ANDREA’s third album…ah well. They’re a good pair. And I really like this song still.

LIGHT BLUEEE like the sky above an island~


~ by MiZPYRO on January 15, 2012.

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